Fararahpouyan is the gleam of clarity in the world’s chain of darkness. The community has been founded upon the goal of creativity, innovation and honesty. Relying on the rich and productive inner world, we are to create a new path distinct from past experiences. We are to transcend the boundaries of outer visual world and creativity enter the realm of hearts.
We struggle to climb beyond the ordinary manners and give life to the spark of eyes and hearts.
Drained life of repetitive industry and technology, demands fresh breeze of creativity color and art.
With our artistic spirit we are to be generators of this breeze.

Creativity flourishes when we get rid of our imagery to have everything occur at a moment.

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Creative Design

Special Offices Design

For Special Companies

New Ideas

Beautiful Frontage

Beauty Inside

Booth Design

Interior Decor

Exhibition Design


Everything is in right order. We only need to look disinterestedly. If we observe the flow of water in the river, we will see the pure creativity of nature in form of waves.


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Unit. 7 No. 15 Tavanir St. Tehran Iran

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